Fire elemental

Your years of studying the arcane arts will soon pay off. As a senior student of the University of Extra-planar Order, you are being given an opportunity not many students survive: your thesis.

This year, your teacher will be giving you various assignments on behalf of the university. Each of these will be designed to test both mastery of your power and ingenuity in its implementation. These assignments are extremely dangerous, but you will not have to face them alone: senior students are placed into teams. As Arcane Master Marduk puts it, “The greatest difficulty our Archmages face is not the complexity of their spellbook, but their temptation to blow each other to pieces,”.

While on these assignments you will be gathering ideas for a powerful new ritual. If you are lucky enough to survive the required year, you must present your ritual to the Arcane Master and his Archmages to be granted the title of Archmage yourself, and all the benefits its status conveys.

Your teacher, Blaze Eater, will guide you, and you will have the resources of the university at your disposal. Ultimately, though, your years of preparation have led to this moment. It is time to go out into the world and make it fear you, love you, and recognize you for what you are – an arcane artist.

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Chaos Tamers

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