Baron Kwippathwipp

The gentlemanly young Kobold noble who decided he wanted to be a Wizard


Kobolds are a race of small reptilian creatures, typically slight of build and no more than four feet tall.

Baron Kwippathwipp is about 3’8" and although there is some speculation, no one can really tell his body type due to the volumes of fancy robes he wears. His scaly, scaly skin is beige. The Baron is incredibly stylish, constantly sporting with his resplendent robes a monocle, pipe, ornate boots, and stylish cape. Speaks in the equivalent of a British accent, and is generally very outgoing, kind, and gentlemanly.

He is constantly accompanied by Barry, his Summoner Homunculus, and George, his Unseen Servant. Barry is used for advice and spell assistance and George is used for carrying Kwippathwipp’s junk (which is all held in a huge chest that is not very easy for him to carry).


Baron Kwippathwipp is a gentleman, and he’s not going to let anyone say otherwise. His dear old pap didn’t raise him any other way, thank you very much sir. If there’s an obstacle, he’s going to move it. If there’s a damsel, he’s going to be polite to her like you would not even believe. If there’s a friend (or damsel) in need, there’s no way he isn’t going to help them out. Kwippathwipp is incredibly loyal, and seeing his friends (or nearby damsels) being abused or taken advantage of tends to get him incredibly angry – although, admittedly, this is really the only thing that’s been tried and true at getting him mad. He doesn’t respond to jibes about his height or race and takes them into good humor, and tends to enjoy giving it back as much as taking it. Also loves a good drink.

The Baron got his title from his affluent family in the large – and admittedly fairly corrupt – city of Gichag, where he performed his duties as a public official exceptionally well until he got bored and decided that he wanted something new out of life. So, he said goodbye to his crime family (which, he insists, has pretty much settled down into strict business and political affairs now that selling drugs is no longer required to make a name for itself, although he by no means insists this as a means of justification for their past actions) and set out for the Extra-planar Order to learn how to properly control magic, a subject he’d been studying in his spare time for several years.

Before his admittance into the college, Kwippathwipp believed greatly in the importance of being prepared. This has only increased since then – to the chagrin of George, his Unseen Servant who carries all of his things in a huge chest.

His two servants, Barry the Homunculus and George, are both always seen with Kwippathwipp. Barry takes the form of a kind of clay bulb (think a pale matte version of Maokai’s seedling thingies, without the leaves) and is best described as very polite. George is sardonic and constantly complaining about his workload, although it is uncertain if he wasn’t always this way – Kwippathwipp is highly critical of George’s capacity to carry things and do other things, although not malignantly. However, observers may take note that not only does Barry not receive the same level of criticism (or, indeed, any at all), he is small enough (ten inches tall) to ride on Kwippathwipp’s back like a backpack, while Barry constantly struggles with his master’s belongings.

The Baron is extremely excited about the kind of adventures he’s about to take part in, and wonders about the new people he’s going to meet on his thesis team. He does so enjoy the chance to learn new things and conquer new challenges, for that IS the role of a man in this world, isn’t it?

Baron Kwippathwipp

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