Baron Kwippathwipp's Superior Supernatural Summoned Servants

Following is a list of Baron Kwippathwipp’s troupe of summoned beings, some of which he’s known for years during his time as a wizard.

Barry the Summoner Homunculus and George the Unseen Servant

Barry is a small construct in the shape of a pod with small, nub-like arms and legs. He is cheerful, knowledgeable, and always willing to lend a hand to Kwippathwipp as his Familiar, figuratively and occasionally literally in the case of the clay hand fused to his back that tethers George to the mortal plane. Barry also lends his power as a kind of focus to the Baron’s conjurations.

George is the Baron’s Unseen Servant, a spectre summoned from beyond the astral planes to carry Kwippathwipp’s shit. Normally, these magical servants are summoned by rituals and can only accompany a prospective wizard for 24 hours; however, when the Baron created Barry, he was also able to fashion a focusing instrument in the shape of a hand that would allow Barry to permanently affix George to the mortal plane. George is sardonic, erudite, and mired in a seemingly permanent state of exasperation directed toward his master and the world surrounding him. The three and a half years he’s spent in the mortal world has changed him from being entirely invisible to an ethereal wisp in the form of an unidentified bipedal species. George has not expressed any discomfort with this, although he does mention often how annoying it is (in much the same manner as he does everything else).

The Baron tends to treat Barry excessively well, even for a familiar, and although he is not outright mean to George, he does constantly criticize the way he “does the servant-ing.” George occasionally finds this frustrating, but is normally too busy carrying Baron Kwippathwipp’s 70-pound luggage chest or tending to his master’s needs, which are wont to be myriad and varied.

Krys’ddt the Astral Wasp:

Krys’ddt is a multi-dimensional wasp the size of a small dog that the Baron tends to use purely for combat. It is impatient, violent, and rarely summoned when strife is not involved.

The baron enjoys summoning Krys’ddt inside of enemies if he can swing it, and has it burrow its way out of them. It is not a pretty sight.

Froozh the Fire Warrior:

Froozh is a fire elemental in the shape of a female battlemaiden. Kwippathwipp summons her in combat when he needs protection, when he needs something carried that George can’t lift, or when he wants someone to talk to. Froozh and the Baron are pretty good friends and get along well, and give each other advice in various matters.

Whereas most summoned creatures come because they are forced to, Froozh shows up because she can’t officially die on the mortal plane (and therefore has nothing to lose) and because she enjoys the Baron’s company. The Baron, chivalrous as he is, recognizes her combat prowess and allows her to fight for him.

Herb the Shadow Serpent:

Herb is a sentient, but not sapient, serpent made out of shadows that the Baron uses as a spy. It couldn’t tell Kwippathwipp his name, so he gave it one.

Derek the Abyssal Maw:

Derek has a name, but Baron Kwippathwipp doesn’t particularly like taking the time to try and pronounce it, because in order to do it properly you need upward of three mouths.

Derek is irritable, speaks little Common, and likes eating things. Anything. That’s all that the Baron actually managed to find out about it before he has to unsummon it.

Kroben the Iron Cohort:

Kroben is an animate iron Dwarf that shows up from beyond the astral planes to act as a bodyguard and aide to Kwippathwipp when he decides that he doesn’t want to bother Froozh. As it so happens, Froozh and Kroben know each other, and all three of them tend to get along together pretty well. Just as the Baron tends to summon Froozh for advice, he does the same for Kroben when he doesn’t wish to offend the feminine sensibilities of a soldieress made almost entirely out of fire (or if the area he is in is highly flammable). Regrettably, his elemental makeup makes him resilient, but only proficient at taking attacks as opposed to doling them out. His protective pacifism both fueled and is fueled by his warm nature.

Kroben is kind, warm, and, true to his purpose, protective of those around him. He has confessed that he is glad that he is made out of iron, as he does not share the destructive drinking habits of most dwarves.

Baron Kwippathwipp's Superior Supernatural Summoned Servants

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