Campaign Rules

All rules are negotiable – if you give me a good reason, I’m willing to bend things to make the campaign more exciting.

I have the final word in all rulings, even over source material.

Please avoid “cheating”, i.e. using magic equipment from the builder without actually having it or telling anyone, etc. This makes the game less fun.

Character Creation Rules:
  • Your character begins at level six.
  • Your character’s class must be wizard.
  • You are not required to use the specified implement for your class’ Arcane Implement Mastery feature, rather, pick one type of implement upon creation and make this the implement required to use this feature.
  • Your character’s race may not be from Monster Manual 1 or 2.
  • You may not select a background benefit from the character builder. If you post a fleshed-out character background and your starting build on the wiki, I will grant you a more personalized background benefit.
  • You must select statistics using the traditional point-buy system; dice roll characters are not allowed.
  • You all receive a +2 misc. bonus to Int-based Knowledge checks due to your time studying; up to you to keep track of. (This translates to a +2 to Arcana, History, and Religion for most normal checks except Detect magic.)
  • The “Versatile Expertise” feat is granted to the player in addition to normal feat progression.
  • You may give yourself one magic implement, one magic armor, and one magic item that fills the “Neck” slot of level 6 or below.
  • You receive 1,800 gold pieces upon creation. This may be spent on any additional equipment if you choose, but it is subtracted from the 1,800 gp starting total.
  • Your character must be, in proportion to a human lifespan, between 15 and 60 years of age.
Combat Rules:
  • As per the source material, rolls win all ties. E.g. attack roll ties a defense stat, the attack hits.
  • Interrupts or Reactions, unless specifically noted, must happen as soon as possible to go into effect. (E.g. If a power is an immediate reaction to being hit, it must be used before damage is rolled and announced.)
    - The exception is if the source of the reaction is moving too quickly to reasonably announce the reaction; in this case the reaction may be ret-conned.
  • Casting Light on an object worn by a hostile target requires a successful Intelligence vs. Reflex roll. On failure Light is created elsewhere in the space the target occupies.
Survival Rules:
  • Unless a character consumes another form of sustenance, he or she will consume one days’ worth of trail rations each day he or she is out on an adventure.
  • If no food is consumed, the character will suffer hunger effects as per these rules:
  • It is assumed that if a player has a waterskin he or she will acquire sufficient water supplies each day unless otherwise determined. (You’re wizards. Conjure some freaking water.)
Economic Rules:
  • As per the source material, neutral merchants will purchase items at 1/5 their base value and sell them at a random markup.
  • Haggling may temporarily improve a merchant’s disposition and prices.
  • The Disenchant Magic Item ritual produces enough residuum to make a magic item five levels lower than the disenchanted item.
Ritual Rules:
  • Using some rules from this source for now:
  • Any rituals not granted by the “Ritual Caster” feat must be learned from a scroll or other external information source.
  • This source may be copied into your ritual book once accessed, but learning the ritual itself takes time and money, in the form of eight hours and the market price of the ritual.
  • It is not necessary to purchase individual components, rather, the monetary cost of the components will be consumed upon attempting the ritual.
Familiar Rules:
  • Nothing special for now; be sure to brush up on these before you begin using them.
Contribution Rules:
  • Between each session, up to 2 “luck points” may be earned.
  • No player can have more than 2 luck points at any one time.
  • If you post a respectable-length journal entry on the wiki (at least summarizes all major happenings from your character’s point of view), you will be granted 1 luck point.
  • After earning this first luck point (and ONLY after), you may earn an additional luck point by either:
    - Doing an in-depth wiki page or contribution (i.e. NPC description longer than a paragraph or two)
    - Doing 3 minor wiki pages or contributions.
  • Luck points can be used in sessions to grant a re-roll for any attack roll or skill check. The second roll must be used, allowing the player to try to force failures as well as successes.

The rules may be edited at any time. You will be notified if this happens.

Campaign Rules

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