To Baron Kwippathwip

To the esteemed and honorable Baron Kwippathwip,

Sire, this letter is one of utmost urgency and secrecy. Please respond as quickly as possible.

The local ruffians have become increasingly disruptive as of late. It started as a slight increase in petty crimes, but the gangs have begun making public displays; besmirching and threatening the family name in public forums and kidnapping high-profile members of the community.

People have been stepping up private security, but there is great civil unrest. Our citizens no longer feel safe, and there is danger of revolt.
Master Frggig is not sure how to proceed. He has been managing the situation as best as he can, but he feels he does not have the experience necessary to deal with this kind of situation.

Our informants have suggested that, despite our discretion, knowledge of your absence has been leaked.

We have already requested help from the other baronies, but they seem to have been experiencing similar local unrest and have been unable to lend assistance. There has been no response from your uncle.

Sir, Master Frggig understands the importance of your departure. However, he sees no other option but to request your aid in handling these matters. He is ashamed he has been unable to deal with them thus far but, as he puts it, “I’d rather swallow my pride then lose the barony.”

Please relay to us your intentions as soon as your recieve this.
Aide to Master Frggig



I have received word that you are having some issues in the Barony and that the other families will not help you. I apologize, dear cousin, but I am absorbed in studies that are massive in their implications and cannot sully youwith my direct aid either, even though I know you did not ask for it. I do, however, have an idea or two on how to aid you.

Enclosed within this letter are 200 gold pieces, and my seal. In the morning, use 150 of the gold to purchase military-grade weapons and armor for twelve men. Bring it to my office, light a lantern at midday, and wait until midnight (I suggest that you bring a book). At midnight, you will be visited by the family enforcers. They will take the equipment with which you have supplied them and follow your orders. Use them to root out the corrupt members of the Ghichagg Guard in the Barony, and then afterward to work in conjunction with the guard to root out the ruffians in the areas with which you are having difficulty. After they are done, give them the remaining 50 gold as reward for services rendered (the family pays them out of pocket, so this is going to be considered a tip) and order them to relinquish their equipment to the clean members of the guard.

Lastly, when something like this happens, PLEASE ask me before things spiral out of control. The other members of the family will not help you, and some may even turn on you if they deem you weak… Particularly your father. I know you don’t like me bad-mouthing him, but he is not a stable man, Frggig. Nothing like you. Please, be careful, carry out this procedure and get things under control as soon as possible. I will work on a way to establish easier two-way communication between the both of us as soon as possible.

Ledarius Kwippathwipp
Baron of the 8th District of Ghichagg,

To Baron Kwippathwip

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